Escrima (stick-fighting) is a martial arts class that emphasizes weapon-based defense with sticks. The Filipino Escrima, Kali, is taught through the practice of sinawali (rhythm). While the basic Escrima skills are traditionally simplified, this art is anything but simple. Beyond the basic skills lies a very complex structure and a refined skill-set that takes years to master. At Eclectic Martial Arts, Escrima drills are translated into self defense techniques utilizing partners. You will learn and practice both defensive and offensive positions covering defense against sticks as well as improvised weapons such as guns, knives, and clubs. Escrima practice helps to build enhanced reflexes and develop movement on angles to minimize the risk in weapons attacks. Aside from the personal challenge of learning this art, Escrima is an excellent source of cross-training for professionals in law enforcement, security, and personal safety.Escrima welcomes all age groups.