What is Eclectic Martial Arts?

Eclectic Martial Arts(EMA) is a Jukite JuJitsu and Chinese Kenpo Karate system with additional influences from Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Judo, Escrima, Silat, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Eclectic refers to taking the best elements of several parts to create a new whole. Eclectic Martial Arts is the culmination of Master Horner’s experience in over 35 years practicing martial arts and professional fighting. Eclectic Martial Arts is a blend of the most effective aspects of several martial arts systems combined into one powerful modern style of karate.

About Jukite JuJitsu and Kenpo Karate:

JuJitsu means the Gentle Art, but it does not mean you give your opponent gentle caresses. The gentle side of Jujitsu means we often yield until the opponent commits to a direction, then using strength, technique and intelligence we defeat him. Anyone who has heard of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is also probably familiar with the effectiveness of JuJitsu.

Kenpo is a Japanese word for a system of fighting from China called Chuan fa Gung-Shao, which means the way of the fist to peace and harmony. This is a system of rapid multiple strikes to soft tissue target areas combining boxing and kicking, as well as using the knees and elbows as weapons. Ironically the two arts were one until about 1100 AD when the striking arts separated from the grappling arts. In Eclectic Martial Arts these systems are reunited with some modern emphasis on real-life self-defense situations (since Americans are rarely attacked with spears or swords).

“To Succeed in life, you must take responsibility for your own development.”

How does the promotion system work?

Belt levels begin with the novice white belt level and progress to a series of colors before achieving Black Belt (expert level). The belt colors in our school are from the Chinese Kenpo system: White, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown (3 degrees) and Black (10 degrees). Each belt has 4 areas of emphasis, and when each is accomplished, a stripe is placed on the student’s belt. When all 4 stripes are earned the belt review and test is scheduled. There are no belt test fees charged at EMA until Black Belt. A positive attitude and consistent attendance, along with following specific safety and general school rules, are also required in the various levels.

Although Karate, Judo, and/or Jujitsu competition is not required for belt promotions, we encourage and support students who choose to participate in sport competition as a means to demonstrate and test those skills under a safe and supervised environment.

“Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it.”

Why should I study Eclectic Martial Arts?

Eclectic Martial Arts is a martial art designed to improve self-discipline, self-control, physical strength and endurance through a positive and safe environment. If you have the desire to develop confidence in yourself while improving your physical coordination, flexibility and self-discipline, then this program is for you. I guarantee the intensity of the the workout will surpass what youre used to and that this will accelerate you past any plateaus you may hit in other workouts. It is also a great means of physical defense for real-life situations.

How do I get started?

It’s simple – all you need to do is sign up and show up. Lessons are taught in 1/2 hour private lessons and unlimited 3/4 hour and 1 hour group classes weekly. The format for all lessons is warm-up, stretch, calisthenics, and an application segment where techniques are reviewed and/or introduced. All instructors are trained in Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic teaching to maximize student results. Check out the schedule section and stop by for a free trial class.